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Equine Sports Massage is a physical therapy which uses professional sports massage techniques.  Equine Sports Massage provides a full evaluation of your horse's musculo-skeletal system, to ensure it is performing at it's optimum and not concealing any problems.  Massage treatments provide many benefits to the whole body, in particular can alleviate and prevent problems in the musculo-skeletal system.


Every horse can benefit for massage treatments.


ESM is especially beneficial for....


  • Changes in behaviour or performance?

  • Muscle fatigue after competition?

  • Nervousness?

  • Shortened stride?

  • Cold back?

  • Stiffness?

  • Difficulty warming up?

  •  Muscle injury?

  • On box rest?

  • Musculo-skeletal condition?

  • Preference to one rein?

  • Difficulty working in a soft outline?

  • Conformational fault?

  • Regular competitions or expected to perform to a high level?

Benefits include:

  • Improves coat and skin condition

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Removes lactic acid from muscles which causes fatigue

  • Promotes drainage of lymph and its waste products from the muscle

  • Boosts the blood circulation

  • Mobilises joints and keeps them supple

  • Reduces muscle tension and pain

  • Eases sore muscles

  • Releases muscles spasms and stress points

  • Increases the horse’s range of movement and suppleness, reducing risk of repetitive strain injury

  • Improves co-ordination, balance and posture. 

  • Especially beneficial for kissing spine, arthritis and any other musculoskeletal condition.

Equine sports massage is no substitute for veterinary attention. All work carried out is in accordance with the veterinary surgeons act 1966, which states that veterinary consent must be approved before working on any animal.

Supporting You and Your Horse.

Providing the best quality treatments, at affordable prices, at a time to suit you!

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